Whiteface Opening Day

My son is on Instagram, otherwise I might not have known that my “home mountain” the Olympic site, was to open Friday November 15th!

So I bought propane, loaded up 6 gallons of water, topped off the tank, dumped the thetford at a secret spot, ate the best Spirals and meatballs dinner ever, and set off to find out about truck camping at Whiteface.

God saved me, how else did I end up with a 4 wheel drive truck. I am thrilled we avoided buying anything but this rig! Snow packed parking lots are easy enough in the “Automatic” aka all wheel drive. I did imagine navigating a bus or class a, b and c. So glad I opted for none of the above.

How to wash my rig occupied a lot of my Internet time while at home last night. It turns out, the closest truck wash is about 40 minutes away, Delanson or Schodack.

The Bridge is always a photo stop for me

8:30 sharp did not happen, but by a little after 9 I was skiing Whiteface

Grey an rainy, but it’s skiing!

2 telemark, and two downhill runs, and I made it to Queensbury to pick up #2 son at ACC!

The line at opening time
Dirty, wash me!

A few Warmer days ahead, and I plan to wash that dust and dirt

Published by Jammin

Aspiring triathlete, determined environmentalist, slow marathoner, persistent kayak paddler. 30 year IT specialist with enthusiasm for virtualization and cloud computing.

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