Heater woes

After a blissful Thanksgiving and a humble Black Friday (from the couch) Saturday I discovered my heat had failed.

Fridge and stove were fine, I discovered after changing the propane can.

I started winterizing immediately after coming from Walmart with a $75 heater and pink antifreeze.

My other camper is in storage 30 minutes away, and I could not find my 1 &1/16 socket. Drove to a friends, and the heater was on.

Not out of the woods….it was off by the time I got home. I took every socket out of 3 kits, found my socket and drained the Hot Water heater. I drove around the neighborhood a few times

Several emails later, I have a work around thanks to Ryan at TCW.

Remove the drawer over the heater and tap while the fan is running.

Next spring I’ll need to fix the spigot. It froze

Published by Jammin

Aspiring triathlete, determined environmentalist, slow marathoner, persistent kayak paddler. 30 year IT specialist with enthusiasm for virtualization and cloud computing.

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