Vermont is Very nice

Northeast Kingdom Trail Fat Bike Demo day.

Most Moms and Dads following their kid’s dreams may not enjoy it as much as we get to.

Biking, mountain biking, lives and breathes in my boy’s life, like skiing always will in my own.

My darling wife Lissa Jacobson, sporting my 1967 Fifth Avenue toboggan hat at the Yurt XC center.

Getting going on a 4.5” tire bike was my biggest challenge – I had to think about making the bike move – and be in the right gear.

We rode the beginner loop, and D went to swap his bike shoes for hiking boots. I survived the Advanced loop, and D skied XC at the Yurt later New Years Day.

Driving close to 4 hours, the first 2 or so over bumpy roads made me never want to leave the Northeast Kingdom, and I know we shall return.

Safe ride, no mechanicals, other than known issues. This crew of 3 sure made lots of condensation, but the bumpers are dry now.

Thinking about boat cushion material to cover the bumpers. I know by myself, I can dry my stuff ok. But with two bikers and one XC skier, at 60 degrees, not good. Even with all of Day 1 wet stuff moved to the truck the liberty needed serious house keeping on 1/2/2020.

we were all glad to get home safely.

Love Fatbiking, but another bike? Or 2?

Kuwat pivot- heavy duty bike rack folds out. Need a pic…

Bike shop
Fun with D
D took this one
For Sale

Ok how much? Does the handyman live far? I ❤️VT

Lissa’s photos.
Thankful we made it home ok.


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Aspiring triathlete, determined environmentalist, slow marathoner, persistent kayak paddler. 30 year IT specialist with enthusiasm for virtualization and cloud computing.

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