January 19th 2020

Stowe Vermont, a cold Sunday night before ski Days #7 & 8.

The ride to Stowe is spectacular and getting familiar.

Tuesday afternoon, when the sun broke thru I pulled out my camera.
Nice warm fire in at Bustys Bar BQ bar near the river in Whitehall, NY.

Second best Pulled Pork sandwich ever. Glad the gentleman asked if I wanted ‘Slaw on it.

Driving in Vermont feels like you’re riding with an ADD GPS:50 mph, No 40 no 35 no 50….bump, curve, “narrow shoulders”….but I kept LLLY between the ditches and arrived safely in Stowe shortly after most skiers are getting to bed.

It’s cold, -6 for a low.

I cruised past the pay lot at Spruce base, and hastily parked and got coffee and clothes ready for MLK Jr. Day at the best snow in the East.

Although it’s lonely, with my gear ready there’s not much room for even my best amigos.

Door sealed with space blankets over the foam bumper cushions . Later moved marathon space blank to between door and pad
Gonna be another cold night. So glad the propane ran out with enough time to run to Tractor Supply.

Skiing Monday was magical. The glades/woods still held plenty of untracked precious eastern pow.

Of course, there were sheets of boiler-pate ice, and tree sprouts (no grass). But if you like big moguls on steep trails with a side of pow, today was perfect.

Not for the faint of heart. The mountain gets little sun in the afternoon, but hey, Stowe has snow and steeps!

Second Gondola!
View from Octagon

Tuesday January 21

Cold and grey morning, but a few seconds of sunshine made the finely groomed corduroy look just like in the ski commercials.

Had not realized it was busy yesterday because of MLK Jr day.

With mountain to myself Tuesday, my heart sang while my ears rang and I zoomed down the empty perfect terrain. I did stop to rest and take some pictures…..

Zoomed in from lot with Camera
Some tree dropped its seeds
Lunch and dry break. Telemark PM

The afternoon was sunnier. Four Tele runs and I was ready for a long bath at home.

While the ski clothes are getting clean and dry, LLLY still has a chunk of ice near the fresh water tank.

Invisible here, but there’s ice 1/4” thick

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