Kinns Road Park, Clifton Park NY

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

To put this in perspective, the winter has been unkind. I had heard it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, and I got super stoked after a short yoga session. I drove my Dad’s old car the 1 mile, thru the stone arch below the railroad tracks, to my park. I have enjoyed almost everything you can imagine in this magical spot, and over the nineteen years it’s been my favorite place to be.

But you gotta take what ya get – or stay (add color..) home – D’is is NEW YORK.

A singular ski experience. Maybe that’s not the word, but nobody else was skiing. Most folks are scared of ice. But my old brown skis were perfect. I had bought them used many years ago (PakNPaddle, and Rich Macha even mounted some street trash bindings for them ).


The recent windstorms made things interesting! I have expressed my gratitude on the FaceBook to those who cut the trees. They did a very clean job, and I was thrilled to ski where others are waiting for the goods.

IMHO, there is now “enough” man-made stuff in the park. What came to mind to me after noticing the signs and benches and markers, well it’s a song. I’d like to get more involved with the park. It’s AWESOME – and changing fast!

Published by Jammin

Aspiring triathlete, determined environmentalist, slow marathoner, persistent kayak paddler. 30 year IT specialist with enthusiasm for virtualization and cloud computing.

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