Maine, ME … my Maine thing

Sugarloaf Maine, ME.

Downhill Ski day 9

Saturday February 22nd 2020


After the absolutely best marinara and tube pasta, Lilly and I rocked to Sugarloaf Maine. My Maine thing is blind, I fly by night and ski by day. The erratic signs speed limits accompanied bumps and 30 mph curves are a New England thing. Washboard of the West has nothing on frost heave up North Maine. 1 day later, and I am still sore from the beating those roads Google picked!

Very pretty @ night, ugly by day

IMHO, Sugarloaf sux. Nice views, but nothing to write home from about- Black diamonds are maybe “Blue” at a real mountain. So after pulling in around 3AM, I got on Sugarloaf by 2:00 PM, and Telemarked to explore- 4 or 5 runs. Went left and right, nothing got me sweating.

I fell twice. Piciture me walking out of the Liberty, ready to ski (forgot my ear buds)…

I tripped on the last step towards the short walk to the base. Very attentive helper, only bruised right knee and my pride.

Caught an edge and wiped too.

Here’s a few pics from Sugarloaf.

Excellent grooming

High hopes for a blue bird day @Sunday River tomorrow. I look forward to off piste on heavy metal.

Nothing to write home about

I was on top by 2, and the views are stellar

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Aspiring triathlete, determined environmentalist, slow marathoner, persistent kayak paddler. 30 year IT specialist with enthusiasm for virtualization and cloud computing.

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