OK, so COVID911 is scarier than COVID19. Dylan rode Conky dragging Stella on the paddleboy Raised the sail on the sunfish Replaced the Garbage Disposal I went to Home Depot for it yesterday/scoped it out last night/huge help from Lissa, got it in. That job not just tweaks my back, but bifocals make it nearlyContinue reading “May 8- It’s SNOWING TONIGHT”

Whiteface March 6th, 2020

Symmetric, and short. Season started (Spring 2019) and ended (?) at Whiteface. While everyone is sheltering in place, I’m out in the driveway praying for feet of Snow. It’s post Virus hell, so I’m catching up. I go back to this place that is special to many other people, many have reasons to call “LakeContinue reading “Whiteface March 6th, 2020”

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