January 19th 2020

Stowe Vermont, a cold Sunday night before ski Days. 7 & 8.The ride to Stowe is spectacular and getting familiar.


Tuesday afternoon, when the sun broke thru I pulled out my camera.
Nice warm fire in at Bustys Bar BQ bar near the river in Whitehall, NY.

Second best Pulled Pork sandwich ever. Glad the gentleman asked if I wanted ‘Slaw on it.

Driving in Vermont feels like you’re riding with an ADD GPS:50 mph, No 40 no 35 no 50….bump, curve, “narrow shoulders”….but I kept LLLY between the ditches and arrived safely in Stowe shortly after momostskiers are starting to snore.

It’s cold, -6 for a low.

I cruised past the pay lot at Spruce base, and hastily parked.

Although it’s lonely, with my gear ready there’s not much room for even my best amigos.

Door sealed with space blankets over the foam bumper cushions . Later moved marathon space blank to between door and pad
Gonna be another cold night. So glad the propane ran out with enough time to run to Tractor Supply.

Skiing Monday was magical. The glades/woods still had plenty of untracked precious eastern powderpopopoChampagne pow.

Of course, there were sheets of boiler-pate ice, and tree sprouts (no grass). But if you like big moguls on steep trails with a side of pow, today was perfect.

Not for the faint of heart. The mountain gets little sun in the afternoon, but hey, Stowe has snow and steeps!

Second Gondola!
View from Octagon

Tuesday January 21

Cold and grey morning, but a few seconds of sunshine made the finely groomed corduroy look just like in the ski commercials.

Had not realized it was busy yesterday because of MLK Jr day.

With mountain to myself Tuesday, my heart sang while my ears rang and I zoomed down the empty perfect terrain. I did stop to rest and take some pictures…..

Zoomed in from lot with Camera
Some tree dropped its seeds
Lunch and dry break. Telemark PM

The afternoon was sunnier. Four Tele runs and I was ready for a long bath at home.

While the ski clothes are getting clean and dry, LLLY still has a chunk of ice near the fresh water tank.

Invisible here, but there’s ice 1/4” thick

Vermont is Very nice

Northeast Kingdom Trail Fat Bike Demo day.


Most Moms and Dads following their kid’s dreams may not enjoy it as much as we get to.

Biking, mountain biking, lives and breathes in my boy’s life, like skiing always will in my own.

My darling wife Lissa Jacobson, sporting my 1967 Fifth Avenue toboggan hat at the Yurt XC center.

Getting going on a 4.5” tire bike was my biggest challenge – I had to think about making the bike move – and be in the right gear.

We rode the beginner loop, and D went to swap his bike shoes for hiking boots. I survived the Advanced loop, and D skied XC at the Yurt later New Years Day.

Driving close to 4 hours, the first 2 or so over bumpy roads made me never want to leave the Northeast Kingdom, and I know we shall return.

Safe ride, no mechanicals, other than known issues. This crew of 3 sure made lots of condensation, but the bumpers are dry now.

Thinking about boat cushion material to cover the bumpers. I know by myself, I can dry my stuff ok. But with two bikers and one XC skier, at 60 degrees, not good. Even with all of Day 1 wet stuff moved to the truck the liberty needed serious house keeping on 1/2/2020.

we were all glad to get home safely.

Love Fatbiking, but another bike? Or 2?

Kuwat pivot- heavy duty bike rack folds out. Need a pic…

Bike shop
Fun with D
D took this one
For Sale

Ok how much? Does the handyman live far? I ❤️VT

Lissa’s photos.
Thankful we made it home ok.



Tuesday November 12th

11 degrees when I turned the truck off. Still the only taker for Camping in Lot D@Killington.

It got to be winter fast, and now Killington mountain looks ready for action!

Killington 8:30ish pm

coffee and stuff ready for morning.

Heat is at 50, til I turn in. Set to 45 for the night.

I ventured out, to try putting a gallon of fresh water in, because the pump keeps running.

fixed it! Guess I’m going to have to see about getting a few more gallons for the shower.

cool view thru the ice on my heiki

Heater woes

After a blissful Thanksgiving and a humble Black Friday (from the couch) Saturday I discovered my heat had failed.

Fridge and stove were fine, I discovered after changing the propane can.

I started winterizing immediately after coming from Walmart with a $75 heater and pink antifreeze.

My other camper is in storage 30 minutes away, and I could not find my 1 &1/16 socket. Drove to a friends, and the heater was on.

Not out of the woods….it was off by the time I got home. I took every socket out of 3 kits, found my socket and drained the Hot Water heater. I drove around the neighborhood a few times

Several emails later, I have a work around thanks to Ryan at TCW.

Remove the drawer over the heater and tap while the fan is running.

Next spring I’ll need to fix the spigot. It froze

Whiteface Opening Day

My son is on Instagram, otherwise I might not have known that my “home mountain” the Olympic site, was to open Friday November 15th!

So I bought propane, loaded up 6 gallons of water, topped off the tank, dumped the thetford at a secret spot, ate the best Spirals and meatballs dinner ever, and set off to find out about truck camping at Whiteface.

God saved me, how else did I end up with a 4 wheel drive truck. I am thrilled we avoided buying anything but this rig! Snow packed parking lots are easy enough in the “Automatic” aka all wheel drive. I did imagine navigating a bus or class a, b and c. So glad I opted for none of the above.

How to wash my rig occupied a lot of my Internet time while at home last night. It turns out, the closest truck wash is about 40 minutes away, Delanson or Schodack.

The Bridge is always a photo stop for me

8:30 sharp did not happen, but by a little after 9 I was skiing Whiteface

Grey an rainy, but it’s skiing!

2 telemark, and two downhill runs, and I made it to Queensbury to pick up #2 son at ACC!

The line at opening time
Dirty, wash me!

A few Warmer days ahead, and I plan to wash that dust and dirt
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