OK, so COVID911 is scarier than COVID19.

Dylan rode Conky dragging Stella on the paddleboy

Raised the sail on the sunfish

Replaced the Garbage Disposal

I went to Home Depot for it yesterday/scoped it out last night/huge help from Lissa, got it in. That job not just tweaks my back, but bifocals make it nearly impossible

Down to 1 truck for now

No pics. Check engine light – dealer said 2-3 days. Valve or valve spring I suspect. GMC is in the shop…………….


Life was never quite the same, at least for me after 9/11/2001, and IMHO life is never going back to “normal.”

We are in the midsts of “My town’s” “curbside pickup.” Rich folks and working class heroes discard some choice stuff.

Getting ready for boating season

Corona in my Garden
My bikey son and I stopped for a selfie

Whiteface March 6th, 2020

Symmetric, and short. Season started (Spring 2019) and ended (?) at Whiteface.

No camping,so I left Clifton Park late and drove Rt 9

While everyone is sheltering in place, I’m out in the driveway praying for feet of Snow. It’s post Virus hell, so I’m catching up.

I was thrilled to be on top by noon

I go back to this place that is special to many other people, many have reasons to call “Lake Placid” special.

When you come, bring lots of wool and poly. Skiing in slush in 40 year old pants was fun!

Wilmington NYs own Olympic mountain ended up being my last stop for the llly before my name for it”Covid911”

After the Fire from above

Wildcat ski day 11

Tuesday February 25th

Monday February 24th in the evening, I was asked very nicely to move from the base of Sunday River to Lot 6. This caused me to just leave – if I had to make the truck mobile – I decided to try Wildcat. I actually did look for lot 6, it was big and dark and empty.


I remembered Wildcat’s big moguls, and what fun I had in high school trying to learn to ski big moguls and falling a lot.

The lot was empty when I pulled in around 9:30, and it was a dark starless night. I prepared my clothes for the morning, and slept in the farthest spot from the road.

Seeing the New Hampshire state signage and feeling Wildcat’s low key vibe was worth the move.

When I woke on Tuesday around 11, it was raining. I grit my teeth, and went for it anyway. The ticket office was inside, and the classic, lodge was almost too hot for me to buy some stickers.

I got my pass for the day, Epic!

New Hampshire apparently was still on school break – so quite a few youngsters were zooming around and trying to look cool. The lift, a high speed quad was fast, I found the old trail, with the bumps, under a now abandoned classic 2 seat chair lift. The trail that drew me back to Wildcat, Copy Cat, was wonderful. Not a soul in site, good sized moguls, and a nice pitch.

The conditions were “variable” from rocks, to rivers to tree samplings, and the snow ranged from ice to black man-made ick. But I skied, and smiled, took a few other runs on the fat boards.

By about 3:00, the rain at the bottom became more unpleasant and the snow that was falling at the top got me concerned about the long 6 hour drive home. It was a great visit, and a pleasure to be ale to hop from one mountain to another.

I really enjoyed the drive home, honestly. Just 1 photo opp stop

And a rest area

Having jetted over to Maine at night, then moving from Sugarloaf to Sunday River and then on to Wildcat, all at night, it was a treat to enjoy the countryside for a few hours. I was on the actual highway before dark, and safely in the driveway by shortly after 10.

Ski day 10, Sunday River Maine. Monday February 24th.

Yes, at Sunday River chairs and gondola cabins share the same wire.

Not to mention the unphotographed zig zag mat to load the chairlift.

Sunday River afternoon was fun!

I managed to get on the Chondola by 1, and hit it hard. Woods, bumps, and a few caches of wind crusted Maine Pow!
13 seconds
Telemark was great, as this front to back is a serious haul.

Maine, ME … my Maine thing

Sugarloaf Maine, ME.

Downhill Ski day 9

Saturday February 22nd 2020


After the absolutely best marinara and tube pasta, Lilly and I rocked to Sugarloaf Maine. My Maine thing is blind, I fly by night and ski by day. The erratic signs speed limits accompanied bumps and 30 mph curves are a New England thing. Washboard of the West has nothing on frost heave up North Maine. 1 day later, and I am still sore from the beating those roads Google picked!

Very pretty @ night, ugly by day

IMHO, Sugarloaf sux. Nice views, but nothing to write home from about- Black diamonds are maybe “Blue” at a real mountain. So after pulling in around 3AM, I got on Sugarloaf by 2:00 PM, and Telemarked to explore- 4 or 5 runs. Went left and right, nothing got me sweating.

I fell twice. Piciture me walking out of the Liberty, ready to ski (forgot my ear buds)…

I tripped on the last step towards the short walk to the base. Very attentive helper, only bruised right knee and my pride.

Caught an edge and wiped too.

Here’s a few pics from Sugarloaf.

Excellent grooming

High hopes for a blue bird day @Sunday River tomorrow. I look forward to off piste on heavy metal.

Nothing to write home about

I was on top by 2, and the views are stellar

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