The camper is almost done

New Hampshire is only a two hours drive, and I wanted to check in on the Liberty. Rian had assured me on the phone that it was inside the workshop. No Liberty in the shop so I was of course confused, but Lissa found it just outside the service side door. Repair mostly completed.

Now some may say I should have just put her on and driven home. However, the real purpose was to see if Lissa could be non-claustrophobic with our feet at the head end of the bed.

Sure enough she can sit up on the foot end of the bed. Yay!!!

To attach a truck camper, tie downs and Jacks are musts. I also had not brought propane nor removed the tailgate, so it was not coming home yesterday. Instead we scheduled a 2:00 pickup on Sunday.

Friday night I googled and watched YouTube videos on tailgate removal. Last year the dealer charged me, so I decided to do it myself.

,Removing tailgate requires nimble fingers and a 1/2” socket on a drill, and someone with a good enough eye to see when the gate is at 45 degrees to pull out the passenger side, then a pretty strong upper body to remove the gate. It slides out on the driver’s side.

Unlike other pickups no quick release for the retaining cables, hence the drill.

Before Paul my mechanical friend showed up at 11 on the dot, I was able to get the big harmonica off.

From Internet

However, the single wire for the camera I had no idea how to disconnect. My friend Paul had that off even after I tried to unscrew the connector.

Camera wire for tailgate

I had already gone to storage to put the 2×6 into the other camper and get a 2 of the 3 propane cans refilled at Casale’s.

One of my cans, partially full was too old to top off.

Looking forward to reuniting LLLY tomorrow!

Here’s what I found on the Internet

“Push up on the white arm.”

Looks like in the (…)picture, the black tab needs to be depressed, and then the white “keeper” needs to be pulled back/rotated away from the loom.

There was a red tab (like many wiring connectors) hidden above that wiring contraption…seriously would be impossible for anyone to see with their own eyes…

only saw it from a picture I took from above the connector.

Pull that red tab up toward the sky, press the black tab (below the gray hinge thing) inward…

Then the gray hinge thing folded down easily and the whole plug came out without issue.

Removing that tailgate was a major PITA… it doesn’t have quick-disconnect support cables on each side (connecting the tailgate to the bed) like every truck ever made.

A 1/2″ socket on a drill was needed. Then (as another thread re: removing the entire tailgate here mentions),

you really gotta tug on the passenger side hinge at a 45-degree angle…

and keep tugging until it pops out.


OK, so COVID911 is scarier than COVID19.

Dylan rode Conky dragging Stella on the paddleboy

Raised the sail on the sunfish

Replaced the Garbage Disposal

I went to Home Depot for it yesterday/scoped it out last night/huge help from Lissa, got it in. That job not just tweaks my back, but bifocals make it nearly impossible

Down to 1 truck for now

No pics. Check engine light – dealer said 2-3 days. Valve or valve spring I suspect. GMC is in the shop…………….


Life was never quite the same, at least for me after 9/11/2001, and IMHO life is never going back to “normal.”

We are in the midsts of “My town’s” “curbside pickup.” Rich folks and working class heroes discard some choice stuff.

Getting ready for boating season

Corona in my Garden
My bikey son and I stopped for a selfie

Whiteface March 6th, 2020

Symmetric, and short. Season started (Spring 2019) and ended (?) at Whiteface.

No camping,so I left Clifton Park late and drove Rt 9

While everyone is sheltering in place, I’m out in the driveway praying for feet of Snow. It’s post Virus hell, so I’m catching up.

I was thrilled to be on top by noon

I go back to this place that is special to many other people, many have reasons to call “Lake Placid” special.

When you come, bring lots of wool and poly. Skiing in slush in 40 year old pants was fun!

Wilmington NYs own Olympic mountain ended up being my last stop for the llly before my name for it”Covid911”

After the Fire from above
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