First night

West Chesterfield New Hampshire is a stones throw from Brattleboro VT.

My mattress still has the plastic on, but I don’t mind it sticking to my right calf. That left leg, with its clicks rests on top of the left. Five miles last night was the most I’ve run in years. I gallowalked the first mile or so, then the old muscle memory carried me around the pokestops and the big golf course hill.

I have a few moths, small one with me in the camper. Just killed one on this iPhone. I tested everything I could and created the following punch list:

Light at door not working

At door top, switch red, what fn?

Lights underneath? Switch?

Under sink-drain tube loose?

Awning, help!

AC outlet tester? Wow loads of outlets!

Rear bunk turnbuckle?

Tiny space with loads of tech.

So I had to spend the night here while the turnbuckles I ordered come in overnight.

Published by Jammin

Aspiring triathlete, determined environmentalist, slow marathoner, persistent kayak paddler. 30 year IT specialist with enthusiasm for virtualization and cloud computing.

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